Q: What are lash extensions? What kind of lashes do you use?

We use two of the top of the line lashes made of a synthetic mink and come in a variety of curls, lengths, and diameters. Depending on which style you choose, we place a classic lash extension on your natural lash or the 1:1 method. And with volume lashes, we custom make volume fans and are able to increase the fullness of your lashes while maintaining fluffiness and lightness. 

Q: How long will they last? And how long are the appointments?

They last about 3 weeks (depending on your activity level and lifestyle) but on average we say you come once a month to get a fill. A full set takes anywhere from 2-3 hours and a fill takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Q: Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Definitely not. When applied properly by a highly trained esthetician and certified lash artist, your natural lashes are completely safe. Several clients have been with us for 3+ years and their natural lashes are strong and long. In this field, many "lash artists" are not estheticians or certified artists and do not properly isolate your natural lash (which results in lashes glued together) or place very heavy lashes (we use the lightest weight lashes on the market). 

Q: Can I still exercise? Swim? Get Facials?

Yes, but steam, excessive water, and oils do weaken the bond of the adhesive so if you are doing hot yoga everyday or swimming/wearing tons of sunscreen, etc. you may need to come in closer to 2-2.5 weeks instead of the usual 3-4 weeks. But, not everyone is affected by steam/oil, it varies from person to person.

Q: Do I still have to wear mascara?

No! That's the best part of lash extensions. You truly don't need mascara and will wake up every morning and feel awake and gorgeous and can head straight out the door (well, don't forget your coffee)

Q: Can I wear eye makeup?

Yes. You can. Just make sure you remove it with an oil-free makeup remover.

Q: I don't have any natural lashes, am I still a good candidate?

If you have very few natural lashes or even gaps in your lashes, you are a great candidate for lashes. Using volume lashes is probably your best bet because you can fill in the gaps and create a full lashline even if your natural lashes are sparse. It's an amazing transformation!


Cancellation/No Show Policy

We value your business immensely and understand life happens. However, we ask that you please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. All cancellations under 24 hours will be charged 50% of the service fee. If you do not show for an appointment, we charge the entire cost of the appointment. Thank you for understanding. 

Child Policy

We love kids but....we are not equipped to have little ones in the studio. Lashing has a lot of tools that aren't safe around kiddos and we ask that you respect the nature of the atmosphere and arrange childcare ahead of time. 

Preparation for the appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork. Make-up free is preferable.

Late Arrivals

We will do the best we can in the time we have, but please understand that the more time we have the fuller we can get you! 


Allergic reactions are extremely rare (generally, they can cause red/itchy/puffy eyes). When they do occur, we will simply remove the lash extensions and typically symptoms resolve within 24 hours. 

Aftercare Tips

  • After you get lashes, you definitely will not want to pick, pull, or rub your lashes

  • Try to sleep on your back

  • Clean lashes last longer. Be sure to clean your lashes at least once a week with a gentle cleansing solution

  • Try not to have your shower water beat down directly on your lashes

  • Brush your lashes daily with a spoolie (given to you at your appointment)

  • Maintain your lashes with regular fills (every 3 weeks is recommended)